[2/10][johnten] ten of thousands

Author: PKC

Rating: T

Pairing: Johnten, and others if you squint.

Disclaimer: fic is mine yall.

Author note: So like I’ve always got this idea that Johnny would use a lot of dumb puns and bad pickup lines when he flirts and apparently I was kinda right…also this is sappy as fuck lol I can’t even.

ten of thousands


Johnny loved dad’s jokes, typical. Of course he would love dad’s jokes, of course he would be into dumb puns. You can just totally see it on his face, that’s just how Johnny was, maybe that’s why he adored Yuta and Jisung so much. They all loved lame jokes after all.

In hindsight, Ten should have known that Johnny would kick start their whole courting process with a lame pun, he really should have known.

They were eating live octopuses with Doyoung when Johnny suddenly said. ‘Hey, wanna know how many tickles does it takes to make an octopus laugh?’

‘Johnny, don’t.’ Ten quietly replied while looking up from the plate of wriggling octopuses pleadingly. Sure, he had been waiting for the taller to make the first move, but not like this.

‘Ten tickles.’

‘Oh god.’ There was a loud noise resembling a strangled goose coming from Ten, and an even louder one from Doyoung’s side. Doyoung almost choked to death that day, and somehow Johnny still had the heart to crack yet another joke.

‘Damn Doyoung be choking on those octopussies huh?’

‘Shut the fuck up Johnny.’ Ten said whilst turning his attention back to a suffocating Doyoung, handing him water and patting his back.

‘Do you kiss your mum with that mouth?’ replied Johnny as he dialled 119, gotta chill, you know, typical Johnny Seo.

‘Damn sure I’m not kissing you though.’ Chittaphon retorted quickly, leaning down to pick a near unconscious Doyoung up and carried him out of the restaurant. ‘Get up here and help me you doofus.’

Doyoung sputtered out a ‘burn’ before choking again. Worth it though.

‘So the first time wasn’t that smooth, big deal.’ Johnny muttered to himself while ignoring Doyoung’s stink eyes. That dude was just bitter, it has been weeks from the incident and he still gave Johnny the middle finger every time he saw him. Repeat, bitter.

( ‘One week, John, one.’ Doyoung chimed in from the side, but never mind him.)

The bigger problem was how to approach Ten, again, as the Thai boy didn’t seem all that impressed with his flirting. Johnny knew he felt some kind of connection though, Ten was attracted to him, but he wouldn’t make the first move (just like how Johnny literally beat himself up mentally for 6 months before making the first move, but we will get to all that struggle later.)

And Johnny was even more sure of that fact when he finally gathered enough courage to hit Ten up with one of his better puns and the latter threw his head back laughing.

‘Oh god, you can’t just be frank about it, don’t you?’ Ten said with a low chuckle, annoyance laced with what seemed like genuine affection present on his face. He had this smile on, the one that instantly brightens up the room, and Johnny fluttered a little. Johnny wasn’t one for cursing, he really wasn’t, but every time Ten wore that smile, Johnny cursed around three hundred times internally, in English and Korean. And Spanish, he didn’t even know Spanish.

But that was the thing about Ten, Chittaphon, he was so utterly perfect, it scared Johnny sometimes.

‘So if I ask you out on a date now, would you say yes?’ He said nonchalantly, or at least, tried to be. His face may have betrayed him though, as the tips of his ears felt as if they were on fire. If Chittaphon noticed anything, he didn’t comment on it, instead he leant in closer, lifted his left hand up and caressed Johnny’s warm cheek lightly, fingers danced down to his jawline, lingered at the slope of his neck for a mere second before moving away. He titled his head to the side and said cheerily.

‘Tell me a good pun, and maybe I’ll think about it.’

God knew Johnny spent all night searching for puns online.

After a few more fail trials, shits were getting a bit repetitive, quote from Doyoung the self-proclaimed professional wingman.

‘You should be worrying about yourself dude. When was the last time you went out on a date anyway?’ Johnny said whilst chucking the last bits of the bag of chips down his throat.

‘Yesterday, actually, with Jaehyun.’ Provided by a smug faced Doyoung, he quickly added when he saw the horrified look on Johnny’s face. ‘I should surprise you more often, your face right now is gold.’

Johnny had long concluded that one of the reasons why he fell in love with Ten in the first place was because the raven shared his passion for bullying Kim Dongyoung, but never did he felt it so deeply. He would, and could, and should give everything just to wipe that smirk of Doyoung’s face. Anything.

But then the bunny man suggested him to do puns with Ten’s very adaptable name, and suddenly Kim Doyoung was an angel walking on the face of the earth.

(‘Dude, you’re a genius!’ Exclaimed a very excited Seo Youngho before he proceeded to pull his friend into a bone crushing hug.

‘I know, oh my Jesus Christ, now get off.’ Doyoung didn’t get paid enough for being friend with this idiot.)

‘Hey, don’t know if you realise this but I’m really conTENt when I’m with you.’ Said the almighty Johnny Seo, he was feeling confident with this one. It had been a good day, the weather was nice outside, spring was coming, flowers were blooming and Johnny sensed the same for his love life.

‘That’s sweet.’ Chittaphon commented. ‘But not good enough, next time yeah?’

‘Can I at least get a smile?’ Johnny sputtered out before even realising it, but he hadn’t seen Ten’s smiling face since the day before, and Johnny Seo needed his daily dose of vitenmin. Shit, he should have used that one.

‘Yes, maybe you should have used that one.’ Ten giggled, which was the cutest sound by the way, signalling Johnny that he had just said his thoughts out loud.

For someone who actually thought of himself as cool, Johnny Seo went to great lengths to embarrass himself, in front of his crush no less. But then Chittaphon looked at him with that twinkle in his eyes, pink lips stretched into the shiniest of smiles, and suddenly humiliating himself didn’t seem so bad anymore.

It became a ritual between them, sort of. At first Johnny was leaning way toward scoring a date with the younger, but as days spread out into weeks, it suddenly hit Johnny that he was doing it just to get a smile or two from the Thai boy. There were close occasions when Ten almost nodded and agreed to go on a date with Johnny, but for some reason he seemed to hold back. They had gotten a lot closer though, physically that was. And if Doyoung’s judging glances and Taeyong’s knowing looks were anything to go by, they weren’t even being discreet with their flirting.

‘You know that I know that you like me too, right?’ Johnny said one day after practice as they were going to their favourite bakery around the corner.

Ten didn’t say anything, but he didn’t deny it either. It was hard too, actually, especially when they had their hands laced together.

‘Are you doing it, you know, inTENtionally?’

‘For the love of God, Johnny.’

‘Maybe you like to be showered with my atTENtion.’ Johnny said with a cheeky tone as he swung their intertwined hands back and forth. Ten reckoned they must have looked ridiculous, but it was cold outside, and Johnny big hands sent waves of warmth through his body. So it was alright, more than alright. The truth was, he did like the attention, he did like how the taller indulged him. And maybe the reason why he hadn’t agreed to go out on a date was because they had been having dates all along.

If he wasn’t sure about Johnny’s feelings at first, he certainly harboured no such doubts by then. And if he wasn’t sure about his feelings in the beginning, Ten for sure knew then.

He liked Johnny. Maybe a little bit too much.

So Ten stood on the tip of his toes and plant a light peck on Johnny’s full lips and watched amusingly as the colour on the latter’s face change instantly.

‘Oh my god.’ Johnny finally breathed out after what felt like an eternity, eyes still wide opened due to shock. He took a step closer and enclosed his arms around Ten’s slender body. This is it, this feels nice, Johnny thought to himself. Ten fitted perfectly in his embrace with his head resting on his shoulder and Johnny wondered why he didn’t say fuck all and did this way sooner. The tug of war flirting kind of thing was fun, but this felt right.

‘So I was right then, there was definitely TENsion between us.’ He muttered into Ten’s soft hair, greedily taking in the subtle scent of cinnamon.

Chittaphon’s chuckled ran deep through their bodies, he locked his eyes with Johnny again before replying jokingly.

‘Will you shut up or do I have to kiss you again?’

Johnny didn’t even hesitate.

‘There’s Ten in cuteness maybe that’s why you’re fucking adorable.’

Ten blinked, evidently impressed. ‘If that was the first line you used it would’ve saved us a lot of trouble dude.’

‘That one translated to please kiss me again, Chittaphon.’

Chittaphon laughed loudly, and when he leant in again the smile was still visible on his face. Ten decided he liked the feel of Johnny’s lips against his, so he really didn’t mind.

[end 2]


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