[1/10][johnten] ten of thousands

Author: PKC

Rating: T

Pairing: Johnten

Disclaimer: I wish Johnny is mine but he’s not so whatever.

Author note: It’s not like anyone will actually ever get to read this but well lol. I was gushing about Ten and Johnnny the other day with my friend and I told her I would write a Johnten fic so here it is. It will be pretty much the only NCT pairing that I’ll ever write, btw, same shits happened with chanbaek 5 years ago, I’m like that. Haha.


ten of thousands 


It took Johnny three times before he can remember Ten’s name, full name to be precise. Ten was okay with it, really, it’s not an easy name for foreigners to learn, or even pronounce, to be honest.

The first time Johnny said his name was a bit awkward. Hs pronunciation was off, but the effort he put in to correct himself was greatly appreciated. And at that exact moment, Ten knew he was going to be best buds with this dude. He seems cool, and chill, and nice. And a little bit too hot for his liking. But Ten decided to think little of it.

So when Johnny came and asked for his name again three days later, Ten happily complied, patiently repeated every syllable of his name and watched carefully as Johnny mumbled his name, over and over and over again.

The third times seems to be intentional. Ten thought the other must have had his name down to the details by then, but apparently that wasn’t the case.

‘You know you can just call me Ten, right? That’s what it’s there for.’

He liked being called Chittaphon by Johnny, not like he would ever admit feeling so. There was just something assuring about the way Johnny said his name, it almost felt like home, like somewhere he can return to. Every time Johnny softly called his name with that velvety voice of his, something bloomed inside of Ten and he felt giddy as fuck.

He shouldn’t have felt that way for a stranger, but he did. And Ten was more than confused.

He still repeated his name for the umpteenth times, this time however, he moved a bit closer, whispered in Johnny’s ear and watched as Johnny’s bigger body seemed to tremble as every single syllable rolled of Ten’s tongue.

He felt a tad bit proud of himself, somehow.

‘I just wanted an excuse to talk to you again.’ Johnny suddenly said in English one day after practice, they were sitting a good thirty centimetres away from each other, with their backs against the mirror and facing the typical SM basement white cloud background.

‘What are you talking about?’ Ten had a feeling he might know what the latter was referring to, but he really didn’t want to go out of his way and potentially embarrassed himself in front of his, well, crush. Just a little bit, it’s not that deep people.

‘Well, I already got your name the first time you said it. But I just really, really wanna talk to you again. Besides, I like your voice when you say your name. And I like your name, it’s unique.’ Johnny seemed so nonchalant with the whole situation, but at the end, his voice cracked just a tiny bit, just enough for Ten to picked it up. He wasn’t fooling anyone to be honest.

‘I like your name, too.’ Ten suddenly said out of nowhere. When he realised what he just said, he felt as though his cheeks were on fire.

‘But it’s such a common name though, there must be around a trillion Johnny out there or something.’

‘I don’t know, it just sounds homey? I like Youngho as well.’

And then Ten thought about how their names, one so common and one so unique, have a nice ring to it when they are together. Not like he would ever say that out loud.

They sat there and talked for a long time after that, not mentioning the topic of their names me again, but when they finally got back to practice, the distance between them was almost non-existent. And that was the beginning.

Ten regretted ever telling Johnny his real name sometimes. He seemed so obsessed with it for some unthinkable reason, so much that he was determined to say Ten’s full name at least 3 times a day. Once in the morning after they wake up, once before they go to bed together, and once randomly during the day.

(Johnny once went to Starbuck and order an americano under Ten’s full name just so he can say it. The cashier didn’t look impressed, so Johnny didn’t fell dishearten when he got a ‘you fucker’ scribbled on his cup in lieu of Ten’s pretty name)

He liked it at first, well, he still does. But the matter got out of hands when Johnny decided he wants to know how many times he can actually call Ten’s full name when they are doing it before he cum.

Like, he really wanted to know.

So there they were, 3 years later, with Ten pouncing in Johnny’s lap, nails digging into his naked back, and Johnny’s lips enclosed on his shoulder, slowly moving up to his slender neck, nibbling away to his heart’s content.

Johnny was giving it good, so good. Ten loved it every time they get intimate, loved the way Johnny’s big hands travel across his skin, loved the way he pulled him in, loved the way the only thing he could ever think about his Johnny and Johnny alone. Hooded eyes and parted lips, Ten mewled a string of “Youngho” every time Johnny hit that sweet spot deep within him. Johnny kissed him slowly, on his lips, his eyes, his nose, and then his ears.

‘Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul.’ Johnny softly whispered, his lips was still plastering butterfly kisses on the back of Ten’s ear.

‘Oh my goddd.’ Ten whined, not again.

‘Nah, it’s Johnny and you know it, Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul.’

‘I’ll kill you.’ Ten brought his hands up to hide his face in, he fucking hated Johnny, Johnny was a dick, Johnny was embarrassing as fuck. That sentence would be so much more convincing if he didn’t have Johnny’s actual dick up his ass.

‘Not when I do this, Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul.’ His hips thrust up suddenly, hitting that spot again and again, and Ten couldn’t help but yelp in pleasure and annoyance.

‘After this. I swear.’ Ten hid his face in the crook of Johnny’s neck, red lips filled the air with soft mewls and lewd moans. Johnny chuckled, buried his nose against his damp hair as his hands moved lower down to pinch at his soft globes.

‘Whatever you said, Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul.’

Ten didn’t kill Johnny afterwards, he was really tempted to, however. Especially when Johnny told him he said his name 16 times before he came with a smug smile adorning his face. But then Johnny pull Ten in a bit closer, and their bodies just clicked together, like it was meant to be. It was cliché, Ten knew, but Johnny’s warmth surround him so entirely he felt as though he might drown. As he listened to the sound of their heartbeats slowly moulding together, Ten suddenly couldn’t remember what he was so mad about.

He couldn’t care less.

Not when Johnny felt like the axis of his entire world.

[end 1]


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